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Save draft or Publish Shifts
Save draft or Publish Shifts

How to change the shift status in Care Dairy?

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Save draft or Publish during Create shift

While creating a shift you can Save draft that shift or Publish it. The main difference between these two is that when you publish a shift, that shift will be visible to the allocated staff member where as on the flip side when you save a shift as draft that shift will not be visible to the staff.

Change the status of an existing shift

You can also change the status of an existing shift. Just click on the shift, then click on Publish if you want to publish that shift otherwise click on Save draft

View shift status in the main view

You can easily differentiate between the draft or published shift based on the the background of the shift cell. The shift with filled background is a published shift and the one with light background is draft shift. For example, the two shifts on 11th Aug are saved as draft whereas the one on 10th Aug. is published.

You can also Publish draft shifts in bulk by clicking on the Publish button in the top right corner of the main roster view.

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