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Create recurring shift
Create recurring shift

How to create a recurring shift in Care Diary?

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You can create recurring Shift in Care Diary and avoid creating same shift again. It works very similar to any other calendar apps like Google calendar or Microsoft calendar outlook.


  1. Login to the Care Diary login page and go to Roster using the left menu. Once you are on the Roster page, click on the Add Shift button.

  2. A new modal will pop up where you can provide the details of the shift.

  3. Enable the Repeat shift toggle

  4. Here you can set different options based on your requirements. For example

    1. Create a shift which repeats everyday until a given date

    2. Create a shift which repeats every Wednesday for next 10 weeks

    3. Create a shift which repeats every second Monday until a given date

  5. Finally hit Save draft(Not visible to staff) or Publish(Visible to staff).

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