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Add Services in Care Diary
Add Services in Care Diary

How to add shift services in Care Diary?

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  1. Login to the Care Diary login page and go to Roster using the left menu. Once you are on the Roster page, click on the Settings button (next to Add Shift button)

  2. Then, navigate to the Services tab and click on Add button

  3. Click on the Add button

  4. Enter the required information.

    1. If you want to export the invoices which use this service to Xero, please make sure the service code and name matches the service code and name in Xero.

    2. Also, you cannot add two services with same name or code in Care Diary.

  5. Once you have added all the information, hit the Create button

  6. That's it. You have successfully added a new service in Care Diary

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